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The Sage & Crow Experience

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As I sit here and contemplate the way I want this blog to be perceived, I continue to come across one thought process: I only know how to write from my own perspective. I don’t want this to be another regurgitation of the same information that’s plastered across many other websites; and the only way for that to come across, to me, is to speak to you as if we were seated across from one another. And really, I think that’s ok. I want this to be a place for you, as a reader, as a client, or as a customer, to feel comfortable to be yourself. I want this to be a place for me, as the maker, reiki practitioner, and advice-giver, to feel comfortable to be myself. Yes, I know very well that not every person will vibe with my style and that’s ok. There are other websites out there that may fit them better. I know that my tribe will find value here and that’s enough for me.

So, what can be expected from this blog? Well, I have several topic ideas, such as: skin care, finding your power, how to handle, manage and reduce your stress, as well as my experience in becoming a better human. I also want to share practices on ritual, whether they be self-care related, spiritual, or just for fun. I may swear like a sailor (as I do in real life). I may be blunt and dish out the tough love. But I will always speak from the heart. And really, I hope to share pieces of my story and my soul with you.

Now for the disclaimer and a plead for help: while my (self-proclaimed) expertise lies within the limitless power of the female, some things may be useful to the male-centered energies out there too. Please keep in mind that I’m not perfect. I’m having a human experience here, just like you are. I’m learning the (new-to-me) gender related terms, the ideals around proper pronouns, non-binary folks and everything in between and I ask for forgiveness if I accidentally stomp all over these delicate topics like I’m wearing combat boots in the 90’s. I ask you for grace and to please correct me in a constructive manner. I am a constant learner. I am opening my mind up to everything and I try to see all sides of the argument. I may still stick to my own opinions, but I will at least try. Also, if you notice typos feel free to call me out on them as well so I can correct them ASAP.

I have such high hopes in making Sage & Crow a success and YOU are the key to that. I ask for your engagement. I ask for your opinions, your perspectives and your experiences on these topics. Did you try a new moisturizer this week? How did that go? Let’s speak to one another here as if we were friends having wine (or coffee, or tea, or water). I’m holding space for you and I promise to listen with both ears and all 3 eyes.

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