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December’s Super Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Today is Monday, Dec 4th and we’re in the middle of December’s full moon in Gemini, which happens to be the only and last super moon for 2017. It’s also the 3rd day of our final Mercury Retrograde period for the year too.

Here’s a little astrological background on what this means…

Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini and Virgo, and rules our minds; especially when it comes to communication. When Mercury goes retrograde, it can mess with you. It has a bad reputation. It can & will be blamed for any (or all) technical malfunctions on our phones, tablets, computers, etc. We’re cautioned against signing contracts or entering into deals during Retrograde because the language within these contracts can seem misleading or false. We’re told to back up our tech and ensure they’re updated to the latest and greatest versions before Retrograde.

Super Moons are full moons that orbit in alignment with the moon’s perigee, or a point in its orbit at which it is closest to Earth. This means it appears bigger and brighter than other full moons. Since it’s closer to Earth, it can influence animals, the ocean and we mere humans.

Combine these two planetary, astrological events and we may feel out of sorts in many ways. Especially for my fellow Gemini. (Remember, Mercury rules our sign and this full moon is in Gemini. If you’re curious on how this works, please refer to Google.)

Now for my own perspective…

As a Gemini, you’d expect me to be losing my shit, right? Well I’m not. Either I’m extremely crazy OR I’ve figured out how to embrace Retrograde and THRIVE during this time.

See! I promised you that this blog wouldn’t be regurgitating all the same info plastered all over the internet! (Please read “The Sage & Crow Experience” if you didn’t get that reference)

I’ve tracked and prepared for Mercury Retrograde periods since I first heard of these crazy things back in 1999 when chunky shoes were still in, Prince had us partying because it was relevant, and I was a teenager. And because of all my research and preparedness for Retrograde, I REVEL in this time. I will write a future post on “how to survive Retrograde” later, but I promise this time of year doesn’t have to suck! It’s not too late! Here is a quick & dirty survival guide that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW – even if you’re at work. (You’re welcome)

  1. Revise. Review. Revel. Rejuvenate. Re-learn. Do you see a pattern here? Retrograde promotes all things that start with “re”. This is our time to “re”-charge. So, adopt all the words that start with “re” and go bananas.
  2. Charge your devices before you go somewhere and bring an extra charger with you. Go ahead and back them up right now, as well. Most of us can do a backup to the cloud when our phones are plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. I know you’re using the Wi-Fi at work, so just do this right now please. J
  3. Lastly… don’t obsess over Retrograde. Just let it happen. It’s going to be ok, I promise. It’s not Mercury’s fault that it appears to spin backwards 3 to 4 times a year. It was just made that way.

Let me know how you’re dealing with this stuff in the comments! Or email me!

Sending you all the love!

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