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5 Simple ways to take care of your feet

5 Simple ways to take care of your feet

Take care of your feet…they carry you everywhere you go.”- I don’t know who originally said that, or if it’s a famous quote or just something my mom says.

It’s winter! The season of self care. Where everything slows down a little and even nature is at rest. It’s a perfect time to dote some love on your tootsies! Here are 5 simple ways to take care of your feet.

  1. Exfoliate! Now that we’re in the season of socks and shoes, it’s the perfect time to exfoliate the

    Pumice stones are a great, natural way to exfoliate!

    bottoms of your feet. If you’re not already exfoliating your feet, you may not like the sound of doing so… but I promise your feet will thank you! Even if you’re ticklish, you can do this! Grab your fave sugar or salt scrub or even use a pumice stone. (Etsy has many options!)

  2. Moisturize. Your feet all nice and smooth now that you’ve exfoliated, and it’s time to feed them. You can use a basic lotion or body butter, or you can use oil (olive, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, etc.) mixed with a drop or two of essential oil (never use any essential oil without a carrier oil). Peppermint will rejuvenate, while lavender will relax you. It’s important not to neglect your feet when you lotion your body, and even more important not to neglect moisturizing in general. Especially in winter, it’s so dry outside and your skin will react to that dryness. Anyway, I’m done with that lecture, let’s move on.
  3. Massage. You can easily perform a nice little foot massage on yourself or even ask your significant other to give you one (but you might need to return the favor just so it’s fair). For this

    Weird blue thingies that you stand on. Any one know what they’re called?

    we can just use the above ingredients (lotion, body butter or oil). There are tons of receptors, chakras and even reflexology points that connect to the rest of the body, all in our feet. You don’t have to be a trained massage therapist to do this, you can simply rub your thumbs over the entirety of your feet. You can even invest in some nice foot massage tools. I have these weird blue things that bring my feet back from the dead after a long day on them, when they hurt.

  4. Tend to your toenails. Men can do this too, my husband is a big fan. Whether you’re paying for a pedicure or doing it yourself, tending to the toenails is easy peasy. Gently push your cuticles back, clean up the under the nails, file them and even paint them if you’re so inclined.
  5. Ground. One other way to tend to your feet is to ground. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, grounding is a way you can relax your energy and connect to the Earth. You don’t have to be outdoors to do this (especially if it’s cold and/or snowing outside). To ground, you simply stand or sit down with your feet touching the floor. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and feel connected to the floor, the Earth. You can visualize yourself growing roots from the bottoms of your feet down through the floor(s) and into the Earth. Visualize and sense their connection to Earth. Feel the soil and rocks around your roots. Send your energy down the roots and let it be refreshed, calmed and healed by the Earth. Once you feel grounded, you can gently let your roots grow back up into your feet. The benefits of grounding are countless and it’s an easy and immediate way to connect to yourself. 

So there you have it, my 5 simple ways to take care of those feetsies. I also want to point out that these are not just winter self-care tips. Exfoliation & moisturization are important year round.

Are there any ideas I may have missed? What’s your favorite way to take care of your feet? Let me know in the comments!

~Sending you all the love!


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