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Want to Raise your Vibration in 2018?


but feel free to read this blog anyway…

Have you ever wondered how you can raise your own vibration? Have you wondered what the heck that even means?

Simply explained, humans energetically vibrate at different frequencies (that can actually be measured!). Higher frequencies are positive, whereas lower frequencies tend to be more on the negative side.

When we have a lowered vibration, it means our energetic frequency is denser. We may feel emotionally heavier, experience mood swings, our bodies may feel physical pain or illness and we’re generally feeling out of whack. We may experience a disconnection emotionally, spiritually, or even psychically. We constantly feel like things are falling apart or they never go our way. We struggle daily to get work done or to meet all of our obligations. We can feel lost, and like the universe is working against us. That feels like a buzz kill!

When we vibrate at a higher frequency, we’re in tune, feeling good, lighter, connected. We are healthier physically, emotionally and mentally; and we may notice our spiritual connections, intuition and even our psychic gifts feel stronger. We move through life with ease, we manifest our desires regularly and we’re truly in the flow. Doesn’t that sound really good?

It’s important to become aware of your own vibrational frequency, and of those around you too. (What’s the old saying, “attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?”) Whether we know it or not, we are affected by the energy we come into contact with every single day. And when these energies are lower vibe, they can affect us negatively and lower our own vibrations! When we move to a higher vibrational state, we can then influence others in a positive way and be the shining inspiration for them to also raise their own vibrations. But don’t worry, the best part about our vibrations, is that you can be in control of your frequencies by practicing some simple habits regularly.

We’re experiencing some great turmoil in the world right now, and things can feel really bleak at times. But we’re also experiencing a major awakening. More and more folks are tuning in and rising up. We’re shining a light on all that doesn’t serve us and we’re making real, positive change. This is an incredible time to be alive!

Now here’s the exciting part – I’ve decided to spend 2018 on raising my own vibrations and I’d like you to join me on this adventure! Each month for the next year, I’ll be giving those of you interested, FREE exercises, meditations and other tools that you can use in your daily life to raise your own vibrations and begin manifesting the life of your dreams!

Did that sound a little crazy to you? GOOD! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and into a place of excitement! If you even feel a little bit called to this, SIGN UP now!

**This FREE, year-long, email workshop is for subscribers only and registration closes on Jan 21st. Don’t miss out, sign up now!**

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