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Sustainable Saturday – We Need to Wake Up

This week’s post is going to be a little different…because WE NEED TO WAKE UP!

Usually, during #sustainablesaturday, I try to explain why sustainability is important. I try to share facts and reasons as to why we should care about reducing our plastic usage. I try to give easy tips & tricks that everyone can adopt into their daily lives; and I hope we all understand what’s wrong with single use plastic products.

I started my #sustainablesaturday series with a huge amount of passion and momentum. But I’m human and I’ve noticed I’ve been a little relaxed lately.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve bought almond milk in the carton, packages of tortillas and several delicious bags of vegan snacks – ALL in plastic. The kind of plastic that can’t be recycled. (I’m looking at you Vegan Rob’s and Hippeas!) And as I was putting my lunch together the other day, I noticed the amount of plastic I was throwing away and it SHOCKED me!

It was a reminder that we need to wake up.

This sustainable, waste-reducing path isn’t about being perfect, but about doing what you can. And sometimes life gets busy, you get lazy and you relax. But then you’re reminded of why you’re on this sustainable journey and you get motivated again. And that’s the purpose of today’s post. Reminding myself and maybe you, as to why we need to do better, and do it together.

As if the Universe knew that I needed this push, I’ve been seeing tons of photos from National Geographic’s latest issue: “Planet or Plastic”circling Instagram.

Just look at this cover:

Courtesy National Geographic

Does that speak to you? It sure as hell spoke to me!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep making my own almond milk, crackers, tortillas, or whatever, from scratch. After all, sometimes I’m tired, or busy, or I just fall back on the fact that I grew up in the United States where convenience is king and people live with the attitude of ‘who cares about the consequences?’ But it’s exactly this attitude that’s landed us where we are today. We need to wake up.

Here are some other picture’s from Nat Geo’s latest issue:

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

This post isn’t my typical, “How to…” tips & tricks post. This is a wake up call. For myself and for anyone else that resonates with this shocking state of our planet. I thought that maybe pictures may be a little more impactful than a bulleted list of facts.

So maybe this week’s challenge is about taking our sustainable practices a step further. Whatever you’re doing, it makes a difference. But let’s do more.

If this post impacted you, motivated you, resonates with you, or pissed you off, PLEASE leave a comment below, or @sageandcrow on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s keep this conversation going! Let’s spread the word – WE NEED TO WAKE UP! We need to work together. Refuse the straw, bring your reusable bags & cups and let’s do more!

Even as emotionally charged as I feel right now, I’m still sending you all the love! So leave me a comment and let’s do more.


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  1. An awakened mind can not ever go back. You have opened my eyes to many new ideas and I am Grateful! I LOVE your passion and wit!
    Thank you for caring! It really means a lot! The Universe thanks you as well!
    <3 !

    1. Thanks Mom! That means A LOT to me!! You’re doing amazing and I’m so happy we’re on this journey together! You’re my PIC!! <3

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