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Surprising Ways that My Priorities Have Changed in the Last Year

It’s always a good idea to look back and reflect on the progress you’ve made in your life, especially when you’re trying to #becomeabetterhuman… but sometimes, you look back and notice changes that you weren’t really intentional about and might be kind of surprised by.

So I bring you, surprising ways that my priorities have changed in the last year.

For example, a few years ago, I was obsessed with MAC makeup. I even had my own pro card that was good for 30% off. Then I learned they weren’t actually cruelty free (despite the verbiage on their website) and I’ve since given them up (however, I still cannot find a truly waterproof, 24hour, all wear eyeliner that performs as well as their Pro Longwear eyeliners GRR! I’m talking to you Urban Decay & NYX!!). Supporting cruelty free brands is a huge priority for me now and I am intentional in my purchases of makeup, body products (the ones I don’t make myself that is), sunscreen, hair care, etc.

But let me get back to my point: surprising ways that my priorities have changed in the last year.

Recently, however, I’ve given up some things I didn’t even realize, or was intentional about, like:

  1. My shopping habits. Previously, I used to visit Target almost daily to either kill time, buy lunch, or just to get a coffee. These days, I maybe go once a month, if that. I also don’t excited by shopping at places like Old Navy, Ross, or Marshall’s, like I used to. Granted, I found my amazing vegan backpack purse at Marshall’s, but the point remains.
  2. My eating/drinking habits. I’ve pretty much given up Starbucks (and coffee) too! I’m very close to losing my Gold status and I’m not sure I care. I’ve been Gold since 2011; in fact I was the first person that I knew with Gold status and I wore it like a badge of honor. But these days? I’m actually losing stars every month because I hardly go there any more. And I cook my ass off. A lot! All the time! Who of you reading this knew me & my hubby before we moved to GA? Well then you know that we were eating out all the time and the most complicated dish I could cook was pasta. But now? I’m experimenting on a regular basis with all kinds of things like homemade crackers, vegan cheeses (both solid cheeses and sauces), seitan, and other vegan dishes… ALL BY HAND! Who am I?!
  3. Another thing that’s changed that I wasn’t intentional about is the amount of body/makeup/hair products that I use regularly. A year or so ago, you would see at least a couple different types of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes in our shower (all mine); not to mention the multiple skin care items I enjoy (like sugar scrubs). These days? I have 1 bar of soap for my face, 1 for everything else (including shampoo if I feel like it), I still have shampoo & conditioner, but only one kind of each. And yes, I still have multiple scrubs but that’s what happens when you make your own. My makeup routine is so crazy simple that you count the items needed on less than one hand: eyeshadow to wear as eyeliner & eyebrows and mascara. THAT’S IT! I still own hairspray but I mainly use it to set my eyebrows in the rare instances that I put makeup on. Dry shampoo is definitely a requirement in the south so I doubt I’ll be giving that up any time soon. In fact, if anything, I’ll just start making my own. I’m rambling and I think you get the point by now.

So what’s changed? Obviously, living a more sustainable lifestyle is a major factor here. When you try not to buy so many packaged products, you’re going to naturally stop buying stupid shit wrapped in plastic. It’s just surprising how few things you collect with this frame of mind. I also really like to support small, cruelty free, or eco-friendly businesses whenever I can; especially over a major corporation. As for those clothing stores? Knowing about the horrors of fast fashion keeps me from going to these places very often, and if I go, I’m hard pressed to buy things just for the frivolity of it. Regarding Starbucks, I pretty much gave up coffee after getting the flu last December. Now that I’m vegan I don’t really get excited about iced tea on the go when I have an excellent selection in my own cupboard, and there’s no stress if I forget my togo cup either. Wanting to take care of myself, moving to the country, and being vegan pretty much answer the question as to why I cook at home all the time now, instead of eating out or ordering delivery on a regular basis (the selection here is horrible!).

It’s an interesting observation, finding these surprising ways that my priorities have changed in the last year… and it’s not just due to age either. It’s truly centered around my values. It matters to me where I spend my money and who benefits from it. I have a track record of boycotting certain companies or ingredients in my life, but realizing that I don’t find joy in the things that used to matter to me, truly was a surprise. I was cleaning the shower one day not too long ago and noticed that it was practically EMPTY of products, compared to previous times when I was cleaning. I went to Target while I was in CO with one of my old “Target buddies” and I just felt ‘meh’ over all the garbage they try to sell you. It was these two random observations that led me to writing this post. I’m honestly surprised at the ways my priorities have changed in the last year!!

Have you had a realization in your life that has surprised you? If so, let me know what that is in the comments below. And if you made it through this entire post, leave a money emoji on my social media.

As always, thanks for reading & I’m sending you all the love!


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