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3 Ways to Celebrate Spring

SPRING IS HERE!! Finally! Has it felt like a long winter to anyone else?

The wheel of the year has turned and we’re into the growing season (finally!). It’s important to acknowledge the changing seasons and celebrate each of them. So today, I’m going to share with you 3 ways to celebrate spring.

  1. Spring Cleaning. This is a phrase in our lives for a reason. Spring brings milder temps and a chance to clean our homes and even air them out. So if you haven’t already, start cleaning, organizing and decluttering your home. Get the family involved, make it a game. Open the windows and take the opportunity to cleanse the energy too by burning herbs or incense.
  2. Plant some intention seeds! Not only is it time to start some seedlings for our gardens, but it’s also a great time to plant ideas and plans for things we want in our lives. This can be easy to do, especially if you already have seeds for planting. Just like anything else, you can take what I’m about to share and make it your own.
    • Pick out the seeds you wish to plant. These can be veggies, fruit trees, flowers or herbs. If you’re not into seeds, and want to use plants that are ready to be repotted, that’s fine too.
    • Imbue each seed/plant with a specific intention. For example, if you want to bring more love into your life, you could imbue a rose bush starter with this intention. You can hold your seeds/plant imbue them, or even just wave your hand over them. Be specific with your intention. If we go back to the ‘love’ example, you will want to be specific in which kind of love you want to invite: romantic, platonic or even self love.
    • Keep your intention in the forefront of your mind as you plant your seeds/plants. Keep it in mind as well, as you water and feed these plants. As the plants grow and become strong, so should your plans.
  3. Get outside! Even if you’re still buried in the snow, nothing heals like Mother Nature. So bundle up and take a walk. Notice the new life that’s sprouting up around you on the trees, bushes, the little wildflowers growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, etc. And fill your heart with the hope that warmer days are coming. Spring is a time of renewal and things feel fresh. Take advantage of this new, spring energy and connect with nature. You can even collect some things to turn into art or to decorate your home with. Did you know that 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure provides your body with a day’s worth of vitamin D?! What more do you need? Get outside!

Of course there are many, many other ways to celebrate spring and I encourage you to do what feels best for you. These are just 3 little ideas off the top of my head, but I’d love to hear about yours! So let me know what you come up with and how you plan to acknowledge that we’re in the growing season and leaving winter behind.

~Sending you all the love!


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