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7 Reasons Your Skin Will Thank You For Drinking Water

In my recent post about a basic skincare routine, someone pointed out to me that I didn’t speak to why water is important for skin, so I thought “well, that’s a great topic for another blog post I suppose”… so here you go: 7 reasons your skin will thank you for drinking water!

We all know we’re supposed to drink plenty of water in a day, but some of us really struggle with that. Perhaps knowing exactly what water does to benefit the body and the skin could motivate you to start chugging. After all, what happens on the insides is usually obvious on our outsides.

  1. Water hydrates. Well, duh. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and we need to ensure we’re hydrated to avoid symptoms of stress, anger, fatigue and other symptoms of dehydration.
  2. Water detoxifies. Drinking water can help us produce lymph and flush the body of toxins and other impurities that leave the skin looking dull and lifeless.
  3. Water regulates temperature. This basically means it allows our bodies to sweat when we need to. And sweating is also a great way to detox the skin, so drink up!
  4. Water aids digestion. By enabling hydrolysis reactions, water participates in the biochemical breakdown of what we eat (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates).
  5. Water is anti-aging. Not only is water vital to cell life, but did you know that water plumps up our skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines, making us look healthy and young?
  6. Water removes waste. Not only does being hydrated feel really good, it helps in removing waste from the body when we go to the bathroom. Some of you are already complaining to me mentally that drinking water makes you pee A LOT. And it does. But isn’t that better than not going and having gross, dehydrated, dark colored, smelly pee? Imagine what that means for your body! Water also aids in removing waste from the GI track which prevents constipation. Remember, what goes on inside, is reflected outside. If you’re not flushing waste often, it shows on your face.
  7. Water maintains healthy weight. Did you know that thirst can feel like hunger within the body? Many people mistakenly believe that they’re hungry when really, they just need to hydrate. By drinking a glass of water instead of munching on some snacks (or a higher calorie beverage), you can help maintain your weight, and some people even claim that they lose weight when they up their water intake. That sounds good to me!

If you struggle with your water intake, try infusing your water with different fruits or herbs to liven up the flavor. If you drink lemon or other citrus infused water, you’re providing your body with more Vitamin C (we need 500 mg a day!). When infusing your water with rich colored berries, you’re giving yourself antioxidants that fight free radicals, keeping your skin looking young. Drinking herbal teas can provide many other benefits too.

Feeling thirsty yet? Let me know how your relationship with water is going. I know I could do better!

~Sending you all the love.

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